Firstly, it is important to note that every contributor having participated in a Jazz release must be credited. To do so correctly, be sure to check the following:

  • The main performing artist(s) or ensemble name must have the “Primary Artists” role at track level.
  • The tracks’ “Primary Artists” will automatically be credited at the album level.
  • If your main artist is a group, credit the group as “Primary artist”, but if this is the case, please take note of the following rule.
  • If one of the artists is a group (for example, a trio or quartet), all the artists integrating the group must be credited as “Instrumentalists” and be attributed an instrument. If one of these artists perform a solo in a specific track, they may be credited as “Soloist” for the track in question.
  • However, if the group is known by the names of its members, give the “Primary Artists” role to each artist.
  • All supporting artists and contributors must be given the appropriate roles. For the individual musicians, please specify the names and indicate the appropriate instrument(s) played on a particular track using the “Instrumentalist” role and the corresponding instrument.
  • You must always inform the instrument of a “Soloist” contributor.
  • The role “Featuring” is reserved to special guests. If you add a featuring role, it is mandatory that you also add a “Soloist” role for this artist, in addition to informing their instrument.
  • Please note that all tracks must have at least one primary artist, one composer and one author (instrumental tracks being the exception for the latter). If this is not the case, we won’t be able to deliver your release.
  • If you have this information, please provide the name of the Mastering Engineer, the Producer or any other contributor that may have participated in the album.

For more information on this, please refer to the iTunes Metadata Style Guide.

To learn how to use the Contributors tab on the release creation tool for Jazz Music, you may check this tutorial.

If you have any doubts or are encountering any issues with this subject, please contact your Labels & Artists Support team here.